dump(8) ok, but restore(8) failes

Matthias Apitz matthias.apitz at oclc.org
Wed Aug 27 08:19:28 UTC 2008


Some days ago I have done a dump of my /usr file system with:

# dump -0auL -P "ssh guru at albatros 'gzip -c > dumpsRebelion/usr.dmp.gz'"  /usr

the DUMP ended fine with no errors; today I try to reload certain
directory with:

$ restore -xv -P "ssh guru at albatros 'gzip -dc dumpsRebelion/usr.dmp.gz'" ./home/guru/myThings/Espanol/diario2008

and it says:

Verify tape and initialize maps
Tape block size is 16
Header with wrong dumpdate.
Dump   date: Mon Aug 25 09:56:58 2008
Dumped from: the epoch
Level 0 dump of /usr on rebelion.Sisis.de:/dev/ad4s1f
Label: none
Extract directories from tape
Initialize symbol table.
Make node ./home
Make node ./home/guru
Make node ./home/guru/myThings
Make node ./home/guru/myThings/Espanol
Make node ./home/guru/myThings/Espanol/diario2008
Make node ./home/guru/myThings/Espanol/diario2008/enanitos
Make node ./home/guru/myThings/Espanol/diario2008/imagenes
Make node ./home/guru/myThings/Espanol/diario2008/CVS
Extract requested files
You have not read any tapes yet.
If you are extracting just a few files, start with the last volume
and work towards the first; restore can quickly skip tapes that
have no further files to extract. Otherwise, begin with volume 1.
Specify next volume #: 1
partial block read: 16128 should be 16384
partial block read: 256 should be 16384
partial block read: 16128 should be 16384
unknown tape header type 6697331
abort? [yn] 

what does this mean? any hint? thanks in advance


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