[ free_bsd_questions ] selecting a cpu heatsink / fan combo [ c ]

Marc Coyles mcoyles at horbury.wakefield.sch.uk
Wed Aug 27 08:28:11 UTC 2008

> i have --never-- heard of this one.
> maybe, it's because i check every mobo setting at installation time ?
> are you certain that this isn't propaganda from the joke in redmond ?
> please explain.

ASUS Motherboards have their "AI" system which attempts to automatically
overclock any cpu to improve performance as a for instance. Personally,
any motherboard that attempts to automatically overclock a CPU should
have such features disabled immediately. If any overclocking is gonna
get done, I like to be the one in control.

If you want to know which CPU would be best for your uses, head to
xtremesystems.org forums (ignore rest of the site) and post in the Intel
section with what you'll be using the box for, your requirements (in
terms of processing power and noise output) and someone over there'll
point you out the best CPU for the job.


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