[ free_bsd_questions ] selecting a cpu heatsink / fan combo [ a ]

spellberg_robert emailrob at emailrob.com
Wed Aug 27 06:13:20 UTC 2008

Mark Picone wrote:

>>it's that i don't recognize so many of the manufacturers names.
>>some look familiar, but they might just be
>>   similar to something i remember from long ago.

>>q:  would anyone care to wax rhapsodic
>>       about any manufacturer
>>       with whose heatsink / fan combo product[s]
>>       they have had good success ?

> IMO: Pure copper zalman heatsink/fan combo (cant go wrong)

thank you, mark.

i saw your response first thing this morning.
this was one of the names that looked familiar.

several retailers have these.
attempting research on the product line earlier today,
   i got more info from them
   than i did from the manufacturer's web_site
   [ my pet peeve:  more "presentation", less "content" ].


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