[ free_bsd_questions ] selecting a cpu heatsink / fan combo

spellberg_robert emailrob at emailrob.com
Tue Aug 26 03:56:10 UTC 2008

greetings, all ---

this isn't exactly a free_bsd question, --but--,
   since free_bsd is popular w/ the i386 crowd and
   there are many rugged individualists on these lists
   who like to "roll their own",
   i figure i'll get way less hyperbole and
   more practical experience here,
   than at some of the places i've visited today.

i had always been able to find the cpu / heatsink / fan as a sub_assembly,
   so, i didn't have to deal with this issue.
i'm making some new boxen to replace
   some 800mhz_p3, 256mb units which will be re_assigned.
i found a mobo i like; d_ram just keeps getting cheaper; etc., etc.
i even found a processor that appeals to me, but, it's oem.
it's the p4 "641" which is 3200 mhz, 65 nm, 775 case.
the mobo maxes out at 2048mb, which is just fine.
these are probably the last single_"core" boxen that i will build.

now, back in the day, i had acquired the skill of using my index finger to
   properly apply that white_stuff, from the good folks at wakefield,
   to the tops of uhf pa transistors, from the good folks at motorola.
no, this isn't a case of fear.

it's that i don't recognize so many of the manufacturers names.
some look familiar, but they might just be
   similar to something i remember from long ago.

q:  would anyone care to wax rhapsodic
       about any manufacturer
       with whose heatsink / fan combo product[s]
       they have had good success ?

q:  is there a short list of manufacturers
       who are "generally accepted" as
       producers of reliable products
       [ as is, e. g., antec, for cases and power_supplies ] ?

q:  conversely,
       are there any manufacturers with justifiably bad reputations ?

i have seen several diameters described as appropriate for the 775.

q:  should i prefer any particular size ?

wakefield is still around, but there are other names.

q:  are there any opinions, pro or con, about thermal compounds ?

noise_level is not a criterion in this situation.
i'll err on the side of more cf/m.

money doesn't appear to be an issue.
i've seen a range of $_10 to $_130, so far, but,
   most are $_15 to $_30 or so.

thanks in advance for any advice.
please cc.


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