Supported External SATA to USB Hard Drive Enclosures

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Mon Aug 25 13:18:59 UTC 2008

Derrick Ryalls writes:

>  I just recently bought a seagate TB SATA drive and Roswell
>  enclosure that has SATA internal and USB/eSATA as external
>  interface.  USB worked with no difficulty and so did the eSATA
>  when I plugged the bracked into an existing SATA port on my mobo.
>  I also had good luck with Addonics being recognized, until the
>  enclosure itself started failing, that is.

	Caveat emptor:
	I have an external Addonics hot-swap (warm-, actually)
enclosure.  While it connects fine to the USB on the chassis, I have
never achieved transfer rates over ~3.6 bytes/sec (as measured by
dump) on what is rated for 80 mbytes/sec.  While there is no
conclusive evidence, eliination of other likely suspects leaves
poorly designed/implemented hardware as the prime candidate.

					Robert Huff

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