Security questions, seeing more then one dhcp client.

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at
Fri Aug 22 17:52:24 UTC 2008

On Aug 21, 2008, at 10:38 PM, Christopher Joyner wrote:

> I am seeing two dhcp clients connected to my wireless router.  Does  
> that mean someone other then me is on it?

Do you have a Wii?  Or maybe an iPhone or other similar device?  Or a  
network printer?  There is a fair chance that the other client is  
something that should be there that you've just forgotten about.  
However, there is also also a reasonable chance that it is a security  
breach if you are running an unsecured wireless network.

What I would recommend is that you probe the unknown device with  
something like nmap (available from ports security/nmap) with  
something like


That should give you a fair amount of information about the device.



Jeffrey Goldberg              

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