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 "freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 229, Issue 12":

> Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 15:24:30 +0200
> On a different dilemma, I have a FreeBSD proxy server with what looks
> like a failing drive. 
> The drive ONLY holds cache so is not critical for system operation
> however id still like to try something. 
> It seem that no matter how many times I run fsck it still comes up
> with same result, is there a way to isolate the bad sectors and use the
> replacement ones on drive? Or even just isolate so that I can continue
> using the drive for now. 

The only way I found to do this is to copy the data off the disk, 
then newfs that partition, then copy the data back.

my 'copy off' process was a dump | restore to a temporary disk I 
added to the machine.

also note: I replaced the disk within a couple of weeks after this.

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