PAE or 64bit?

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Wed Aug 20 22:15:28 UTC 2008

B. Cook wrote:

> hey all,
> Looking for opinions..
> We are going to be getting a server for drupal, running lighttpd and
> php, as well as exim and SA with clamav, courier or dovecot, mysql
> 51.. etc.
> Right now this setup does about 200G per month (we have two boxes) and
> were looking at getting one box to do it all (business department
> reasons) and assuming it would be doing double the work.. we would be
> looking at a single box running 600GB max per month in traffic (about
> 2Mb/sec)..
> We would be (hopefully) be going with sas drives instead of the sata
> we have atm.  Not trying to make this a debate about hardware but..
> The question of at least 4G of ram came up.. and we starting debating
> about PAE or just going with x64..
> we would not be using zfs, we would be running RELENG_7_0.
> again, looking for opinions on PAE vs x64 for this type of setup.
> Thanks in advance

PAE is slow, buggy, and kludge. My choice would be 64 bit and don't look


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