Auto Mount USB

Bill Moran wmoran at
Mon Aug 18 18:01:02 UTC 2008

In response to "Brian Miller" <bmiller at>:

> I started looking at amd and it is just what I need but it doesn't
> appear to be available? From what I have read it should be part of
> FreeBSD? I see that I can download a tar from should I
> do that or is there a "Package" available for it? Is there something
> similar to "YUM" for FreeBSD?

Actually, I found this spiffy port while looking for a good reference
to point you to: cd /usr/ports/sysutils/automounter && make install
then read man automounter for setup instructions.

Keep in mind that the reason this is less than simple is because
automatically mounting removable media is a huge security risk.  The
fact that it's so convenient that most people ignore the security
risk does not mitigate the risk in any way.

> You are correct that I was not dismounting then removing the drive. So
> that makes sense. Next question is how/can I free them up? Tried "umount
> /dev/da0s1" but it fails with "Device not configured"

umount the mountpoint, not the device.  I.e. umount /usr, not /dev/ad0s1g

Bill Moran

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