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Brian Miller bmiller at
Mon Aug 18 17:09:43 UTC 2008

I started looking at amd and it is just what I need but it doesn't
appear to be available? From what I have read it should be part of
FreeBSD? I see that I can download a tar from should I
do that or is there a "Package" available for it? Is there something
similar to "YUM" for FreeBSD?

You are correct that I was not dismounting then removing the drive. So
that makes sense. Next question is how/can I free them up? Tried "umount
/dev/da0s1" but it fails with "Device not configured"

Thanks for the response.

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In response to "Brian Miller" <bmiller at>:
> I can mount the drive just fine with the mount command. I also was
> to add it to the fstab and have it mount at boot.
> However if the drive is removed it has to be mounted again. How do you
> get it to mount back up with out having to run the mount command

You're slightly off course.  Read man 8 amd and see if that helps.
section 27.3.5 of the handbook:
If you get stuck on specifics, ask here.

> Also I noticed while playing with it that the device assignment keeps
> changing each time it is plugged back into the system. Started with
> /dev/da0s1, then da1s1, then da2s1, da3s1 and so on. Which means I
> to change my mount comand every time.

I've not see this happen.  Are you umounting it before you remove the
drive?  If not, then the drive is still mounted from a previous
(even though it can't be accessed) so the system has to grab the next
available device.

This will go away once you have amd running.

Bill Moran

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