Auto Mount USB

Brian Miller bmiller at
Mon Aug 18 16:18:54 UTC 2008



Not sure how to word all of this. I am trying to auto mount my USB tumb
drive in FreeBSD (The version that comes with PFSense) I believe most of
my troubles are related to lack of knowledge.


I can mount the drive just fine with the mount command. I also was able
to add it to the fstab and have it mount at boot.


However if the drive is removed it has to be mounted again. How do you
get it to mount back up with out having to run the mount command again?


Also I noticed while playing with it that the device assignment keeps
changing each time it is plugged back into the system. Started with
/dev/da0s1, then da1s1, then da2s1, da3s1 and so on. Which means I have
to change my mount comand every time.


Any suggestions on reading meterial would be appreciated.


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