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> I have had Lynksys cards that were not recognized, but in those cases I was
> able to use ndisgen (after I dug up the Windows drivers) to create a wrapper
> and enable those cards in both FreeBSD 6.3 and 7 -CURRENT  (way back when 7
> was current).  I haven't had to do it since 7.0-RELEASE but I'd expect it to
> work as well.
> Tim Kellers
> Boris Kochergin wrote:
>> James Harrison wrote:
>>> gahn wrote:
>>>> Hello:
>>>> Could anyone recommend a desktop wireless card for freebsd 6.2? Just
>>>> moved in new place and only wireless in the house.
>>>> Thanks in advance
>>> I use whatever was the cheapest linksys wireless G card I could find;
>>> plugs in to PCI slot and works wonderfully.
>>> _______________________________________________
>> I'm not certain that everything Linksys puts out has FreeBSD-supported
>> hardware inside. I have a bunch of TRENDnet TEW-443PI and Netgear WG311T
>> cards that work well. They use the ath(4) driver.
>> As a general statement, I'm pretty sure that anything with an Atheros chip
>> inside (a fact often advertised on boxes of the products) that doesn't
>> support any incarnation of 802.11n will work with said driver.
>> has more details.
>> -Boris
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I recommend looking at the hardware notes for your specific release.  You
can find 6.2's wireless notes at:

The man pages for the device drivers contain lists of compatible models.
Beware:  Some manufacturers will change the version number but not the model
number when they change chipsets; so pay close attention to both the model
and version numbers that are provided.

Many of the models are old, but that means you can get many of them cheaply
on eBay.

Another option is getting a wireless adapter that plugs into your ethernet
port, so operating system compatibility should not be an issue.  One such
product can be found here:

Good luck,

Andrew Gould

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