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Tim Kellers timothyk at
Fri Aug 15 22:08:43 UTC 2008

I have had Lynksys cards that were not recognized, but in those cases I 
was able to use ndisgen (after I dug up the Windows drivers) to create a 
wrapper and enable those cards in both FreeBSD 6.3 and 7 -CURRENT  (way 
back when 7 was current).  I haven't had to do it since 7.0-RELEASE but 
I'd expect it to work as well.

Tim Kellers

Boris Kochergin wrote:
> James Harrison wrote:
>> gahn wrote:
>>> Hello:
>>> Could anyone recommend a desktop wireless card for freebsd 6.2? Just 
>>> moved in new place and only wireless in the house.
>>> Thanks in advance
>> I use whatever was the cheapest linksys wireless G card I could find; 
>> plugs in to PCI slot and works wonderfully.
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> I'm not certain that everything Linksys puts out has FreeBSD-supported 
> hardware inside. I have a bunch of TRENDnet TEW-443PI and Netgear 
> WG311T cards that work well. They use the ath(4) driver.
> As a general statement, I'm pretty sure that anything with an Atheros 
> chip inside (a fact often advertised on boxes of the products) that 
> doesn't support any incarnation of 802.11n will work with said driver. 
> has more details.
> -Boris
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