Large RAID arrays, partitioning

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Fri Aug 15 17:55:41 UTC 2008

> I searched the web again and found a possible solution to my problem. I used 
> the "newfs -U -O2 /dev/da1" command to create the filesystem directly on the 
> Is it somehow bad to make a filesystem directly on a storage device such as 
> disk drive or hardware raid volume?

no it is all right! it just means that you don't need partitions.
same with winpartitions (fdisk) i never make them, just bsdlabel.

hint - with volume that will store only huge files (you've said video 
server) use little inodes and large blocks.

and set -m 0 to make all space available

newfs -m 0 -O2 -U -i $[4*1024*1024] -b 65536 -f 8192 /dev/da1

this will use 64K blocks, 8K fragments and one inode per 4MB space

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