BTX loader halt on 1st boot

Gobbledegeek gobbledegeek at
Fri Aug 15 13:45:51 UTC 2008

I am able to install freebsd 7.0 with the CD, but never been able to
reboot into it after that. I've tried 5 times since june now. I
install a standard MBR during install since I already have ububtu grub
as boot manager.

I get a BTX halt with what looks like cpu register output dumped on screen.

Since I cannot boot, I am unable to collect any dmesg output or any
debug info from freebsd, therefore the bug report is not entertained.

Will linux lspci/dmesg output help as a substitute for the bug report?

This is for an AMD780G/SB700 chipset with sata in ahci mode.

PS: Please cc me as I am not subscribed

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