question -updating package + ignore depend

m cassar marshc187 at
Thu Aug 14 23:03:14 UTC 2008

actually I only installed ff2 cuz it was easier at the time - since i only
ran into this while trying to update other parts of my system (thru pkg_add)
and had other things to worry about. since ff3 runs flash ok, that's enough
for me, and seems everything else is improving from what mike mentionsl so i
still would like to figure out what you are trying to explain.

I mean i only limit myself to *make install clean* when it comes to ports
and hope for the best. i brushed thru the porter's handbook when i got stuck
with ff2 to see how to ignore it (which didn't work anyway) and have a basic
idea of what you are saying, but it is still a bit chinese to me.

long story short, i had to scrap that system and start from scratch since
then, so i will still have to go thru this and figure it out shortly, not
just for the sake of ff right now but any future issues with ports; so i
don't know if you want to follow up, try this out, or see what happens my

while i'm at it, and for the record, after ff i ran into something else much
more annoying and a bit comical to some extent. i was trying to install
azureus, which needs jdk and the java files manually downloaded, which is
not a small package. i went out and let it run, only to come back a few
hours later and find it still building - and had to wait another long time
for it to finish. meanwhile i noticed the word mozilla rushing by and was
wondering *what the heck* since both firefox2+3 were up to date. when it
finished i realized it was plain old mozilla, which isn't small, ran it,
only to find "this has known vulnerabilities and security issues, please
install firefox and thunder "

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