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mc wrote:
| On Wednesday 13 August 2008 09:25:19 Mike Clarke wrote:
|> On Wednesday 13 August 2008, m cassar wrote:
|>> just wanted to mention that firefox3 does not handle addons/plugins
|>> correctly yet according to ports/UPDATING, so this is still probably
|>> right for now and i will probably end up installing ff2 anyway.
|> It handles most of them OK for me with just a little bit of tweaking,
|> but some addonss haven't been updated yet to work with Firefox 3 and
|> will be automatically disabled until new versions become available.
|> I had a minor problem with firebug, Firefox disabled it but didn't
|> detect that a new version was available and I had to go to the addons
|> site and re-install firebug.
|> I had to create a link
|> to /usr/local/diablo-jdk1.5.0/jre/plugin/i386/ns7/
|> in /usr/local/lib/firefox3/plugins.
|> Apart from that everything seems fine.
| it does look like its working better than last time i used it - guess
| will iron out eventually. as long as flash works it's fine by me for
now ( too
| many nagging about missing plugin)
| still i had to install ff2 also for now so that i can update other
| that have ff2 as a depend.

Hi mc,

I was poking around in /usr/ports/Mk/, figuring that it was
controlling the dependencies in the librsvg2 port.  There's a comment at
the top of the file:

# ======================= USERS =================================
# To specify which gecko-based backend you prefer, use something like:
# WITH_GECKO=   firefox
# The valid backends are:
# firefox flock nvu seamonkey thunderbird xulrunner
# See below for more details.
# ======================= /USERS ================================

A little further down, there's this comment:

# USE_GECKO= firefox-devel<->firefox
#  This will sed -e 's/firefox/firefox-devel/' on's and
#  if ${GECKO}=="firefox-devel"

I wonder if something like this would work for librsvg2:

make USE_GECKO=firefox3<->firefox install clean

It won't with the current version of the Makefile anyway, since it uses
"USE_GECKO=" instead of "USE_GECKO?=", so it can't be overridden.  It
would be interesting to try making that change and then use the make
command above to see if the www/firefox dependency is replaced with

It sounds like you're working with FF2 now anyway, but maybe this will
help sometime in the future.

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