Video streaming with freeBSD

Roger Olofsson raggen at
Mon Aug 11 16:59:11 UTC 2008

Sam Fourman Jr. skrev:
>> If the main purpose of your box is to be a PVR, I suggest going with a Linux
>> distribution and using MythTV (  While I am a fan of
>> FreeBSD as a web/mail/etc. server, it did not meet my needs when attempting
>> to build a PVR.  I found the Gentoo Linux distribution most comfortable for
>> me because it uses a "portage" system similar to the "ports" system of
>> FreeBSD.  Others I tried were package based and didn't always support my
>> hardware.
> I would like to try and put together the most functional FreeBSD based PVR
> system possible, even if it does have less functionality than it's
> Linux counterpart.
> does anyone have a recipe for a working FreeBSD based PVR?
> if not post Ideas for software / configurations / Hardware, and I will
> l make a web page
> out of it.
> Sam Fourman Jr.
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Some year back I was meddling around with VLC (videolan) that does a 
pretty good job of the streaming part. There was issues with threads at 
the time so I let it rest though.

Xmltv to grab the channels listings should also work.

TV cards supported should be in the handbook....

Please let us know the uri for the webpage!


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