Video streaming with freeBSD

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Sun Aug 10 17:56:23 UTC 2008

Steve Cole wrote:
> Hi
> I have just installed FreeBSD 4.11 with the intention of not only 
> creating a file server but to allow for video streaming and recording 
> with the aid of a TV card.
> Lots of forums suggest many options to achieve this however to save 
> alot of time with untested and not always proven methods. Could you 
> please advise me if this indeed possible and secondly if you could 
> recommend any possible tv cards compatible with your OS
> I look forward to any help or assistance that you may offer.
> Many Thanks
> Steve C

If the main purpose of your box is to be a PVR, I suggest going with a 
Linux distribution and using MythTV (  While I am 
a fan of FreeBSD as a web/mail/etc. server, it did not meet my needs 
when attempting to build a PVR.  I found the Gentoo Linux distribution 
most comfortable for me because it uses a "portage" system similar to 
the "ports" system of FreeBSD.  Others I tried were package based and 
didn't always support my hardware.

Anyway, my two cents,


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