Free wireless network (access point, router, transparent HTTP proxy setup)

Svein Halvor Halvorsen svein.h at
Sat Aug 9 14:35:29 UTC 2008

Matthias Apitz wrote:
> To the OP: Be aware that depending on the local laws you might (will) be
> responsible if the NATed IP is used in criminal affairs (downloads,
> child porno, etc.); at least the local authorities will ask you who used
> that IP and take your complete system with them for further
> investigations, scanning your logs and disks;
> even if it is a nice idea and you have good neighbors, I would not do
> that here in Germany;

Yes, I'm well aware of the laws in this regard. It wont be illegal
to relay any traffic, for whatever reason. It's far more likely that
I will violate the contract I have with my ISP, than Norwegian
criminal law. But it will of course be unpleasant for me, if someone
used my network for illegal activities, for the reasons you mention.

Still, I'd like to set up something like this, if for nothing else,
the challenge of doing it. I might even make people aware that the
traffic is being monitored, and that will probably make people behave.

An alternative to the inserted text in all http traffic (and
probably easier to implement) is just to divert all unknown traffic
to an internal ip-adress (using the firewall), and setup a web page
on that address. Then have people click some button, which will
rewrite the fw rules for that specific machine (white list).

	Svein Halvor

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