no boot/loader

Derek Ragona derek at
Fri Aug 8 23:49:35 UTC 2008

At 04:42 PM 8/8/2008, acmeinc wrote:

>No /boot/loader
>no /boot/kernel/kernel
>I isntalled FreeBSD 7.0 with the defaults for partiioning. I am using one
>hard drive in which I followed with the ASQ (auto, tag for boot, quit)
>command. I choose the standard boot loader option. I installed through the
>master freebsd site via ethernet. Upon the congratulation screen is asks for
>a reboot, and to remove the boot disk, I resart to the error message above.
>I believe it is because a boot loader is not installed, however, it should
>be. Is it not in the set up, it is one of the first steps.
>Following the errors I am in put into a boot prompt:
>Are there any commands I can run from this prompt to manually boot? How can
>I make the boot work? Will I need to install my own boot loader? How can I
>install a manul boot loader? How can I check if the boot loader is
>installed, but just not loading properly?

You would do well do try the install again, but check things BEFORE you 
allow sysinstall to exit and reboot.  Also check that your BIOS has any 
anti-virus settings not allowing the boot area of the hard disk to be 
written, turned off.


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