Questions about coretemp

ben at ben at
Fri Aug 8 00:09:28 UTC 2008

the "Questions about healthd and mprime" thread lead me to try recompile 
and install a freebsd 7.0 kernel with "device coretemp"

on reboot i thought i would find a sysctl variable 
"dev.cpu.%d.temperature" but i don't. i don't even see anything in dmesg 
about "coretemp"

that is, exept for when i added "coretemp_load="YES"" to loader.conf (as 
per the coretemp manpage) and then i got this in dmesg:

   module_register: module cpu/coretemp already exists!
   Module cpu/coretemp failed to register: 17

has anyone had success using this? i wonder if there is a dependency 
i'm not building into my kernel. . . this system has dual xeons.


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