Questions about healthd and mprime

Josh Carroll josh.carroll at
Thu Aug 7 23:23:45 UTC 2008

>>Try sysutils/k8temp. When run with -n, it only prints the CPU's temperature.
> Ummmm... On the system I'm most interested in at the moment, which has
> only _one_ athlon64 _single core_ processor in the whole system,
> k8temp -n prints this:
> 19
> 10

Well it may not work properly on your particular hardware. You can
report this to the maintainer and/or file a PR.

You can also try one of:


/usr/ports/sysutils/consolehm  (and use chm -I  from this)

> I was hoping to find something that didn't touch disk (nor use up all of
> my remaining space in the /usr partition).  I think I'll wait and try to
> learn more about mprime.  But thanks.

Then what is wrong with my suggestion of yes > /dev/null? It does not
touch the disk at all (other than to read the yes binary into memory).
It will sufficiently generate a load on the CPU to increase the
temperature. You might get the CPU 1-2C hotter with mprime, but I
doubt 1 C is going to make or break you. Also, if you are running the
amd64 release, the mprime port does not work for the amd64 arch. I've
been able to compile it manually, but the port will not work on the
amd64 arch.


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