Questions about healthd and mprime

Josh Carroll josh.carroll at
Thu Aug 7 20:22:36 UTC 2008

> OK, so _now_ I've looked around and found out that a lot of folks
> these days heat up their CPUs by running the "mprime" thingy.  Swell.
> But I don't know diddly poo about this program.  So can somebody please
> tell me the set of "best" command line options for the thing if your
> only goal is to stress your CPU?
> Thanks in advance.

If you just want to heat up your CPU, this should suffice:

yes > /dev/null &

Once for each CPU/core.

mprime is useful to stress test the cores, looking for a situation
where the core fails. This can cause odd system problems, and not
necessarily a crash or lock up.

But in terms of just heating the cores up, "yes" should do the trick.


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