newsyslog.conf / rotating logs based on size AND time

Garance A Drosehn gad at
Thu Aug 7 18:26:12 UTC 2008

At 10:17 AM +0200 8/5/08, Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:
>My question is how can I make sure the logs are rotated when
>they grow too large AND they are also rotated at a specified
>point in time (start of a new month).
>I am reading man newsyslog.conf and it says:
>If the when field contains an asterisk (`*'), log rotation
>will solely depend on the contents of the size field.
>To me it seems to say that when it is not an asterisk (i.e.
>when I enter a date), the log rotation is not based solely on
>size factor, which in other words should mean it is also based
>on time?

I haven't looked closely at newsyslog in awhile.  I started to
write up a reply to you, but in a quick test newsyslog does not
seem to be working the way that I expected it to work.  It might
just be that I was too tired to think straight when I was testing.
I'll try to get back to this sometime later today.

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