gemeral questions (noobish)

mcassar marshc187 at
Sat Aug 2 21:49:28 UTC 2008

thanks alot for that.

i mean, apart from your general overview of freebsd (system, project and 
community), which gives me an idea how things are done, what's happeniing and 
where things are, you really put me at ease with trying to figure out these 
warnings, or at least what to expect and where to start - i wasn't sure if it 
was up to my setup or what.

although i don't know if you misunderstood my saying *fix them* as in i should 
setup my system properly, or as in get to bug-tracing and the like; which is 
still out of my expertise and jurisdiction. or was that wishfull thinking? it 
is something i want to figure out eventually, but at the moment i'm still so 
fascinated by everything (system, community)  that i'm trying to catch up on 
as much as i can.

anyway, it's getting late here now and i honestly forgot what else i was going 
to say, except thanks for the welcome. appreciiated since i honestly still 
can't beleive i was missing out on this fbsd *stuff*


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