secure access to AS/400 ?

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Fri Aug 1 15:03:53 UTC 2008

B. Cook ha scritto:

> As I am not knowledgeable about AS/400's I do not know if there is an 
> openssh/sshd app that could be put on there.

AS/400 supports telnet over SSL, though I never found it to be in use.

> If they can not find some form of sshd to put on the AS/400

Normally it all boils down to: they could, but will not bother to (they 
probably never used it and don't have experience with it, anyway).

> I could 
> give people access to a FreeBSD via ssh and then have them use 
> 'something' to connect to it.

I would not do so, since you would need local users on the FreeBSD box, 
which I usually try and avoid.

 > Is there some terminal emulator that I would have to give them?

If you really want to go this way, tn5250 is in ports.

VPNs (with whatever technology) might be a better solution.


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