secure access to AS/400 ? (OT)

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Fri Aug 1 14:32:48 UTC 2008

On Friday 01 August 2008, B. Cook wrote:
> Hello All,
> Seems OT, but I have been asked to give someone remote access to an AS/
> 400 we have here.
> As I am not knowledgeable about AS/400's I do not know if there is an
> openssh/sshd app that could be put on there.  They give everyone
> access 'locally' via telnet and some IBM gui app at the moment; the
> software:
> eNetwork Personal Communications AS/400
> Client Access Express for Windows
> Workstation Program
> Version 4.3
> If they can not find some form of sshd to put on the AS/400, I could
> give people access to a FreeBSD via ssh and then have them use
> 'something' to connect to it.
> Is there some terminal emulator that I would have to give them?
> I don't know how the AS works or what people use on it or use it for..
> so please excuse the seemingly ignorant questions..
> Thanks in advance
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It's possible to set up a sshd on an AS/400 (aka "iSeries" aka "system i").
AFAIK you need to run OS Version V5R3M or higher on AS/400 and install
the "PASE tools" lic-program. For more information see the links below:

Depending on the version of the Client Access Emulator, it's allso possible 
to setup TN5250 via SSL, but you need to configure SSL on the AS/400 to make 
this happen.

There are at least two 5250 terminal emulatiors in the ports tree. 
(/usr/ports/net/tn5250 and tn5250j).


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