secure access to AS/400 ?

Mark Busby redtick at
Fri Aug 1 14:16:26 UTC 2008

"B. Cook" <bcook at> wrote:    Hello All,

Seems OT, but I have been asked to give someone remote access to an AS/ 
400 we have here.

As I am not knowledgeable about AS/400's I do not know if there is an 
openssh/sshd app that could be put on there. They give everyone 
access 'locally' via telnet and some IBM gui app at the moment; the 

eNetwork Personal Communications AS/400
Client Access Express for Windows
Workstation Program
Version 4.3

If they can not find some form of sshd to put on the AS/400, I could 
give people access to a FreeBSD via ssh and then have them use 
'something' to connect to it.

Is there some terminal emulator that I would have to give them?

I don't know how the AS works or what people use on it or use it for.. 
so please excuse the seemingly ignorant questions..

Thanks in advance

  Look at, as far as security your going to be disappointed.
  If your on the same subnet as the as400, a simple telnet session will allow you in the machine with a user name and pass. IBM dropped the ball with this systems security, as you prob know. For years they have toyed with the idea of killing the OS, but keep it alive at the last second.  I work with it, but I don't like IBM's idea of security. 

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