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Dimitri Yioulos dyioulos at
Wed Apr 30 11:17:29 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 30 April 2008 6:35 am, Dulwich Picture Gallery wrote:
> Good Day to you Sir/Madam.
> I am pleased to give you an offer for employment as a consultant  withour
> fledgling company.
> We at Dulwich Picture Gallery have a mission to help individuals with
> investing into the Art
> & Antique but due to our wide range of customers and low reach in terms of
> offices
> worldwide,we have decided to make ties with individuals around the world
> who arewilling to be
> a part of our mission to make the future bright for our investors.
> Currently, due to the abundance of Art and Antique in the West African
> region, we are
> pitching our Resource Office there besides our Head Office that present
> here in the UK. We
> have abundant investors in the USA and Europe but sometimes
> havedifficulties getting their
> investment bids across to us, your job will entail the cashing in of
> investment bids from our
> investors, in any form they may come (personalized checks, cashiers check
> or cash) and
> sending the funds back to one of our offices through means that will be
> given to you when the
> time arises. Our seasoned workers set up this form of employment so it
> doesnt affect your day
> job if you have one.
> In an instance whereby you cash in an investment bid for our customer,you
> will be entitled to
> 10% of the total amount you cash. For example; if you cash an investment
> bid of $3000, your
> pay on that bid will be $300, which is subject to change depending on the
> number of bids that
> you cash.
> You must be over 18 years of age.U.S,UK,CANADIAN OR AUSTRALIAN
> CITIZENSHIP.If you meet these
> conditions and wish to apply send this reference position number#3456234
> and please contact
> us by replying at this e-mail address (dulwichpicturesgallery at to
> receive a
> Representative Contract agreement.Please mail along with the requested
> informations below
> Yours Faithfully,
> Mr.Knowles Nicolas
> Administrative Secretary,
> Dulwich Picture Gallery
> Gallery Road, Dulwich Village,
> London SE21 7AD
> Rc:122132
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My dream job!

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