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Dulwich Picture Gallery dulwichpicturesgallery at
Wed Apr 30 11:02:26 UTC 2008

Good Day to you Sir/Madam.
I am pleased to give you an offer for employment as a consultant  withour fledgling company. 

We at Dulwich Picture Gallery have a mission to help individuals with investing into the Art 

& Antique but due to our wide range of customers and low reach in terms of offices 

worldwide,we have decided to make ties with individuals around the world who arewilling to be 

a part of our mission to make the future bright for our investors.
Currently, due to the abundance of Art and Antique in the West African region, we are 

pitching our Resource Office there besides our Head Office that present here in the UK. We 

have abundant investors in the USA and Europe but sometimes havedifficulties getting their 

investment bids across to us, your job will entail the cashing in of investment bids from our 

investors, in any form they may come (personalized checks, cashiers check or cash) and 

sending the funds back to one of our offices through means that will be given to you when the 

time arises. Our seasoned workers set up this form of employment so it doesnt affect your day 

job if you have one.
In an instance whereby you cash in an investment bid for our customer,you will be entitled to 

10% of the total amount you cash. For example; if you cash an investment bid of $3000, your 

pay on that bid will be $300, which is subject to change depending on the number of bids that 

you cash.
You must be over 18 years of age.U.S,UK,CANADIAN OR AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP.If you meet these 

conditions and wish to apply send this reference position number#3456234 and please contact 

us by replying at this e-mail address (dulwichpicturesgallery at to receive a 

Representative Contract agreement.Please mail along with the requested informations below

Yours Faithfully,
Mr.Knowles Nicolas
Administrative Secretary,
Dulwich Picture Gallery
Gallery Road, Dulwich Village,
London SE21 7AD
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