How to use a external monitor on FB7/Gnome

Kemian Dang dangkm at
Sat Apr 26 09:29:40 UTC 2008

Hi Vince and Roland,

Thank you for the reply, but unfortunately, they did not work.

I closed the laptop, connected the monitor and restarted the laptop,
"xrandr -q" only gave the information of integrated monitor, no
external monitors' information and "xrandr --auto" did not give any

I also tries "sysctl -a |grep enable", the output is:

kern.smp.forward_roundrobin_enabled: 1
kern.smp.forward_signal_enabled: 1
vm.swap_enabled: 1
vm.swap_idle_enabled: 0
vm.idlezero_enable: 0
vfs.nfs.nfs_directio_enable: 0
vfs.vmiodirenable: 1
net.inet.tcp.sack.enable: 1
net.inet.tcp.inflight.enable: 1
net.inet.sctp.ecn_enable: 1
hw.firewire.phydma_enable: 1
hw.pci.enable_msix: 1
hw.pci.enable_msi: 1
hw.pci.enable_io_modes: 1
hw.apic.enable_extint: 0
machdep.enable_panic_key: 0
security.bsd.suser_enabled: 1

There seems no entry about monitor -- If I miss something please advice me.

PS. The laptop is a Compaq Presario V3431AU.
Best wishes,

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