How to use a external monitor on FB7/Gnome

Vince Hoffman jhary at
Fri Apr 25 15:21:16 UTC 2008

Kemian Dang wrote:
> Dear All,
> I use a laptop with Freebsd 7.0 stable and Gnome 2.22, the graphic card is
> integrated nvidia go 6150.
> I want to  use a external monitor to support my work, but I find it gave no
> display when I plug the monitor, with the Fn + f4 key(this works in
> winodws).
> Seems no related topics in hand book / mailing list, so anyone could give
> some clue?
Its something I havent got round to using properly yet, but xrandr is
your friend here.
start with xrandr -q to find out what xwindows can see about your
external monitor, then try xrandr --auto  if that doesnt get it working,
read the man page for more explicit options.


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