wine: notepad OK, others not

perryh at perryh at
Sat Apr 26 08:21:06 UTC 2008

> It's really easier to try to install an app under Wine ...

With, it seems, at least two exceptions:

* Some apps -- such as Wordpad and Write -- are packaged and
  installed with Windows, rather than on separate media.  Are
  there instructions somewhere for "installing" such an app
  under wine?  I'm certainly not finding it at all obvious.

* Some add-on (separately installable) apps are packaged
  on multiple diskettes (or multiple CDs for that matter). 
  Pre-mounting the first, and pointing wine at the mount
  point, seems likely to result in getting stuck partway
  through the install when it asks for the second disk.

The version of Visio that I have is in the second category.

The manpage describes a way of pointing wine to a device
rather than to a mounted filesystem:

  The Unix device corresponding to a DOS drive can be
  specified the same way, except with '::' instead of
  ':'. So for the previous example, if the CDROM device
  is mounted from /dev/hdc, the corresponding symlink
  would be $WINEPREFIX/dosdevices/d:: -> /dev/hdc.

but, as reported elsewhere, wine could not find setup.exe
on the Visio install diskette with dosdevices set up this

> ... You also might want to have a look at
> for a script
> that can install and setup various packages ...

Unfortunately, I can't find Visio in its list of packages.

Is there something else to try, or is installing an app like
Visio beyond Wine's current capabilities?

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