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darren kirby bulliver at badcomputer.org
Sat Apr 26 02:47:24 UTC 2008

quoth the Edward Ruggeri:

> It seems like the man pages would be a good place to go, but my
> trouble with using them is that they're difficult to put together the
> information on different pages.  I suppose I want something like a
> textbook.  I dream of a K&R type text that is very comprehensive and
> well-organized.
> If anyone has advice, I'd very much appreciate it!

Not sure how 'K&R' like it is, but I have just finished reading 'Absolute 
FreeBSD' by Micheal W. Lucas. At 700+ pages it is almost textbook like. It 
seems comprehensive, and logically organized so that very little of the text 
depends on knowledge not yet explained.

Plus, it is witty and well written IMHO. Speaking as a moderately experienced 
Linux guy new to FreeBSD it has served me well. 

Also, There is 'The Complete FreeBSD' by Greg Lehey available from O'Reilley 
(and for download from the author's site) but I haven't (yet!) read it so I 
cannot say much about it...

Also, also, I seem to recall a 'further reading' section in the back of the 
FreeBSD handbook which had more suggestions.

> Sincerely,
> -- Ned Ruggeri

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