Even more documentation?

Edward Ruggeri smallhand at crawblog.com
Sat Apr 26 02:32:37 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I've used FreeBSD for about two years now.  Besides using Linux for
projects on school computers, I never had much experience with
Unix-like operating systems.  While I get by nicely on FreeBSD, I
recently felt that I didn't have a very solid understanding of it's
organization or structure.  I suppose one can't know everything about
an operating system with as much functionality as FreeBSD, but I
started to feel like my knowledge was really ad-hoc, and that I didn't
completely understand what I was doing (as if I had learned only by

To that end, I started reading the FreeBSD handbook front-to-back.
I've gotten to Part III, and while it's been very valuable, I still
feel like I'm learning by example, and not by understanding the
operating system.  I'm starting to think I'm expecting something out
of the handbook it's not designed to do.

It seems like the man pages would be a good place to go, but my
trouble with using them is that they're difficult to put together the
information on different pages.  I suppose I want something like a
textbook.  I dream of a K&R type text that is very comprehensive and

If anyone has advice, I'd very much appreciate it!


-- Ned Ruggeri

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