Having trouble getting cups working

Andrew Falanga af300wsm at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 14:40:41 UTC 2008


I've never actually tried to install cups before and last night decided to 
give it a try because I was not having much success getting my printer 
working using the handbook directions.  (I got it all setup correctly, 
obviously something is incorrect but stay with me, and although I could get 
stuff to print when I did 'cat <somefile> > /dev/lp0' I couldn't get anything 
to print when I submitted to lpd.)

So, I installed cups from ports, and setup my HP LaserJet 4+.  All seemed to 
go well.  At first I had a problem with an error, something like "unknown 
application/postscript."  Anyway, some digging on the internet revealed that 
I needed ESP Ghostscript installed.  So, I got that and that error went away.  
Now, however, I still cannot get it to print.

When I try to submit the printer test page from the web management interface, 
it says, "network host 'sniper' busy: will retry in X seconds."  The URI I'm 
using for my printer is, lpd://sniper/lj4.  The printer is connected to my 
parallel port and I think this is what I want because the other options are 
whatever it is that cups calls JetDirect and then IPP and something else.

Anyway, if someone could please point me in the correct direction I'd 
appreciate it greatly.


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