is this hardware supported?

Roland Smith rsmith at
Sat Apr 19 22:06:56 UTC 2008

On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 06:45:40PM +0200, Roberto Nunnari wrote:
> Hi!
> Ok. So what about this?
> Has anybody been using it?
> With what success?
> Can anybody use the embedded RAID controller to make a HW RAID 1
> with two SATA disks?

According to ata(4), the ICH8 chipset is supported. According to
ataraid(4) the jmicron is supported.

But if it doesn't work, you can always use gmirror(8).

> Is the NIC supported and working well?

Hard to say. The spec page you provided doesn't list the type of Realtek
chip used. Again, if it doesn't work get a cheap Realtek 8139 card.

> Again, I couldn't find any of its chipsets in the 6.3 supported
> HW list, so that's why I ask the list.

It is better to check the manual pages of drivers.
> But in this case I'm a bit muc more confident that FreeBSD 6.3
> can run on this HW

I recently booted FreeBSD on a system with a intel motherboard with a
ICH9 chipset. Everything seemed to work OK.

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