FreeBSD 7.0 not executing /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ at startup

Marco Beishuizen mbeis at
Sat Apr 19 14:29:37 UTC 2008

On Sat, 19 Apr 2008 17:20:36 +0300
Manolis Kiagias <sonicy at> wrote:

> securelevel -1 is fine. This is the default:
> quote from init(8):
>  -1    Permanently insecure mode - always run the system in level 0
> mode. This is the default initial value.
> Your problem lies elsewhere. I've looked at your rc.conf, and I can't 
> really say I can see anything except this:
> accf_http_load="YES"
> which should be in /boot/loader.conf (?)
> You have a lot of stuff, I would suggest you comment out most of them 
> and put them back in one by one.

There wasn't this much stuff before, but after upgrading to 7.0 I got a
lot of boot messages saying that xxxx_enable "is not set properly". So
then I had to insert all those statements xxxx_enable="NO". After that
all those messages went away.

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