rpc.lockd leaking memory on 6.3

Mark Lastdrager mark.lastdrager at pine.nl
Wed Apr 9 19:46:13 UTC 2008


Recently we updated our main NFS server to FreeBSD 6.3. This machine 
serves about 10 netboot clients all running FreeBSD 6.2. Since the upgrade 
we are having some issues with locking. We tried to avoid running the 
lockd daemons at all but most software on the netboot clients (Apache, 
Postfix) refuses to run without it.

On the 6.3 server rpc.lockd leaks memory, somewhat less than 1 meg per 
hour. This means that every few days we need to restart the daemon. This 
is quite annoying because we need to stop/start rpc.lockd on both the 
server and the clients in a controlled fashion. In most cases also the 
daemons using locking need to be restarted.

Is this a known issue? I could not find a PR for it. Maybe a workaround? I 
found some recent posts on the -current list about a complete rewrite of 
the locking mechanism, will this be ported to 6-STABLE in the future?



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