duplicate messages AGAIN.

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Wed Apr 9 19:27:58 UTC 2008

i'm asking here on -questions because this list has the sharpest 
people on board.  ...  hopefully, some kmail or imap guru will be able to
clue me in.

a month or 6 weeks ago i had the same problem with my gui mailer not
filtering spam correctly,, and when i did "something", imap kept feeding
the same messages back.  and not only duplicates of the spam, but of
every other message as well.

i fixed it somehow (saying that i had found 3 filters that i had removed)
and promblem resolved.  this time i can't find what i did.  this time i
have edited kmailrc (buried deep in `/.kde/share/.....); i've clicked
around in every menu drop-down that i can find on kmail.  nothing works.

does anybody know wyhat i did wrong when i build dspam on my mail
it is pkg_deleted--gone.  but i must've done **something** else.....

i'm lost.


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