Server build config, what would you do?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Wed Apr 9 17:07:25 UTC 2008

> The one thing that I can think of that I've not seen mentioned in this
> thread, which could actually start to make a difference to component
> choice, is whether those several people are all hoping to stream video
> and music off of this server.  Other than that, I'd go for a Celeron on
> a dull, but stable, motherboard.
that's much better.

in such case i turn up WWW browser, run (polish equivalent of and get cheapest computer that would be enough for the task, BUT
something like IBM, HP, Siemens, etc...

There are lot of good-branded desktops, that are small, quite elegant, 
really cheap and they are STABLE.

older are better than new in this - all that had to fail, already failed.

FreeBSD is not windoze, 64-128MB RAM is enough for most server tasks, 
unless you use spamassassin then 192 at least.

there is usually need to buy new disks or used, but larger, as existing 
are (is) too small, and 2 disks are good thing.

300$ for all, including disks, is enough. for STABLE system, that i'm sure 

It's actually much cheaper if you count less electricity used than 
todays systems multiplied by few years 24h/365d usage.

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