Server build config, what would you do?

Jon Radel jon at
Wed Apr 9 16:43:20 UTC 2008

Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>> I'd like a C2D to allow for future growth and the fact that it will be
>> serving files for several people on my home network not to mention the
>> other services on it.
> buying computers for future needs is nonsense - as their prices fall all
> the time.

Particularly if your labor costs are effectively free, your maintenance
windows particularly large, and your data collection not too big.  I've
been involved in situations where that planning mechanism would have led
to a world of pain...   (OK, so he mentioned "several people" and "home
network," so you have a point.  ;-)

The one thing that I can think of that I've not seen mentioned in this
thread, which could actually start to make a difference to component
choice, is whether those several people are all hoping to stream video
and music off of this server.  Other than that, I'd go for a Celeron on
a dull, but stable, motherboard.

One other thought on hardware RAID:  If your RAID board itself dies you
better hope you can get it repaired or acquire an exact replacement,
down to the firmware version in some cases.  If not, you'll have real
trouble reading anything off of your disks.  With software RAID, you at
least stand a decent chance of recovering everything from nothing more
than the (N-1) hard disks, a FreeBSD CD-ROM, and the components to build
a new server around them.

--Jon Radel
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