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Chris Maness chris at
Tue Apr 8 00:49:19 UTC 2008

> Hi, Chris--
> On Apr 7, 2008, at 8:52 AM, Chris Maness wrote:
>> I am having trouble with my imap account on my FreeBSD box.  I am using 
>> WU-IMAP, and thuderbird.  I have been using this combo for years, and not 
>> had any issues.  Now, my thuderbird is not displaying messages in the 
>> inbox.  I can see them with pine, but not with IMAP clients. (squirrelmail, 
>> thunderbird).  Pine complains about sequence error when I send a message. 
>> I was able to get it to work for a bit by deleteing the mbox file in my 
>> home directory, but now it is not working again.  IS there a database or 
>> something somewhere that needs to be rebult?
> Can you double-check your mbox file?
> With the most recent 2007 version of UW-IMAP, I've seen intermittent 
> corruption of the first line of a mbox file (ie, the "From foo" header) which 
> causes the mbox to be unreadable by most clients until it is fixed by hand. 
> It seems to be correlated with simultaneous write access by people who have a 
> normal MUA and a second device like a smartphone (iPhone/Treo/BB).
> I've seen just over a half-dozen of these since Jan...
> -- 
> -Vhuvk

How do I check it?  Should I use another IMAP server?

Chris Maness

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