Quick spamd question

Brian Martinez fbsdlists at thematrix.cl.msu.edu
Mon Apr 7 15:50:21 UTC 2008

Hey folks (apologies if this winds up double, I setup my mail client 

I am trying to move greylisting from an OpenBSD box I currently 
administer to a FreeBSD box.  I installed 'spamd' out of ports and I 
have everything working on a transparent bridge, etc. etc.

My only question (at this point) is this...  I do not recall this being 
the way it worked on OpeBSD (and there are a variety of reasons I cannot 
check right now to verify), but once an entry gets listed WHITE, should 
the GREY entry remain?  I seem to remember that the GREY entry expires 
immediately after the second attempt (thereby making the tuple 

I'll be glad to answer anymore specific questions if it can get me an 

Thanks folks!

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