cups-base port question

Rance Hall ranceh at
Mon Apr 7 14:09:49 UTC 2008

hey, I run cups for printing with the CUPS_OVERWRITE_BASE=yes set in
my /etc/make.conf file.

I also specify NO_LPR=yes in my /etc/src.conf  (yes this is on a
FreeBSD 7.0 box)

After reading the ports own Makefile I have a question.

if the CUPS_OVERWRITE_BASE variable is set there is a section in the
Makefile that goes through and tests all the lp* commands that are
installed via FreeBSD base and if they are still executable chmods
them to "0" so that they are effectively "removed" from circulation.

This part works fine.

documentation is installed into /usr/local/man just like its supposed to be.

But since the original lp* man pages are installed in /usr/share/man

and since /etc/manpath.config lists /usr/share/man *BEFORE* /usr/local/man

shouldnt also be true that the cups-base documentation replace/remove
the pre-existing man pages in /usr/share/man that relate to lp*?

I think this is a bug, but thats my opinion. I just wanted to ask and
see if there are any of you who are also using cups as I am and have
noticed the same thing.

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