some pam problem?

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Wed Apr 2 16:16:29 UTC 2008

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Dan Nelson wrote:
> In the last episode (Apr 01), Chuck Robey said:
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>> I can't figure out what this message below means to me:
>> Mar 31 17:12:02 april sshd[26150]: in openpam_dispatch(): no pam_sm_authenticate()
>> I have guessed it meant I had something wrong with my login.access,
>> but I wasn't able to find anything that looked odd to me.  Anyone
>> know what this message above might mean?

I had guessed (it was sort of obvious) that it was those files, but I missed
that UPDATING message.  It's a new machine, but the way I got to current was to
boot 6.1 and then to make world.  Anyhow, the error rainstorm has blown itself
out, thanks!

> Is this an old machine that has been upgraded?  From /usr/src/UPDATING:
> 20070610:
>         The pam_nologin(8) module ceases to provide an authentication
>         function and starts providing an account management function.
>         Consequent changes to /etc/pam.d should be brought in using
>         mergemaster(8).  Third-party files in /usr/local/etc/pam.d may
>         need manual editing as follows.  Locate this line (or similar):
>                 auth    required  no_warn
>         and change it according to this example:
>                 account required  no_warn
>         That is, the first word needs to be changed from "auth" to
>         "account".  The new line can be moved to the account section
>         within the file for clarity.  Not updating pam.conf(5) files
>         will result in nologin(5) ignored by the respective services.

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