Wake-on-LAN and the em driver (freebsd 7.x)

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Wed Apr 2 04:44:08 UTC 2008

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> > > I would like to know of any other easier ways to do this.
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> > Any network admin worth his salt has an old win98 system tucked
> > away that can be used to create bootable dos cd's.  
> Don't know much about the value of salt, but the old Win 98 machine
> I have around has a dead CD and dead floppy as well.   Guess they are
> replaceable, but is it worth money and bother?

You must think so at some level or you would have tossed them ;-)

Of course it's not worth fixing them unless you need the system -
but you never know what the future holds.

I actually have 2 w98 systems running here at the house.  Both
are used by the kids and run an assortment of kids game software
that I pick up for a few bucks from the local Goodwill.  Right now
the youngest's favorite software is "petz 4", it's a virtual dog,
and the older's is surfing the starwars.com site.  (needless to
say, it's done through a FreeBSD proxy server that limits the
machine to a very strict number of sites)  Runs as
well as it did a decade ago when it was written.  I just don't
personally see the point of dropping a grand into a computer
and shiny new software for it when the primary and secondary
users are under 10 years old and are perfectly happy with
older programs.

> I wouldn't be surprised if there are many like that sitting around.

Believe it or not we just had an adult bring in a w98 system into
the ISP today to get it online.  And we even had an old 33.6 
external modem that we just gave her for it.  She lives in the sticks
and has zero broadband alternatives (except for satellite which
is too expensive for her) and is behind multiple D/A conversions
on her phone line, so 28.8K dialup is what she runs.  It's
pretty incredible what's still in production out there.


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