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Wed Oct 31 18:16:28 PDT 2007

On 2007-11-01 01:00, Eduardo Morras <nec556 at> wrote:
> I'm already on hackers list but has very low traffic (9 messages last
> 5 days) and this is a question list no ? ;-)

This is a 'general' questions list, with a fairly high level of traffic.
Many FreeBSD committers and team affiliates are subscribed, but there
are still a lot of knowledgeable people who are respected team members,
but are *not* subcribed here.

Maybe in a more appropriate list you can get a greater amount of
visibility with people who can help your contributions to be integrated
with the main source code tree of FreeBSD.

> I think that in this list are FreeBSD *gurus*/hacks too which could
> say a "try it" or a "are you crazy?" answer. If other developers
> thinks that they need my rfc i'll add my code to FreeBSD.

It's hard to tell in advance, without actually *seeing* something in the
form of a proposal, or at least an implementation.

The FreeBSD team works in an open manner, and we take pride in the
fairly well established process of development we use.  Everyone is
invited to support, extend, fix bugs, implement new features, or
otherwise improve FreeBSD, as long as they are prepared to put in some
effort to "fit within the team".  Having said that, all you would have
to show us would be at least one of:

    * A detailed proposal of the changes, optionally including a
      justifiction of why you think the changes are necessary and
      how they will improve the user experience of the people who
      comprise our userbase.

    * A pilot implementation of the new features you described.
      It doesn't have to be complete; it doesn't have to precisely
      match the existing style of the code; it doesn't have to be
      performing blazingly fast, if there are plans for tuning;
      it doesn't even have to be compilable; as long as you are
      prepared to help us fix all the details.

Then, I'm sure that if the improvements you are working on look
interesting, you stand a better chance of soliciting comments, feedback
related to the way the changes can go into FreeBSD, help with the
testing process of the source integration, and so on.

This means that the next reasonable step would be to make available at
least a proposal or source patch, and post it to one of the developer
lists of FreeBSD.  The freebsd-hackers list would be nice.

> The point to zlib / libbzip2 is because when i talk about compression
> *always* someone says " Why don't use zlib?" Short answer No, Medium
> Answer: deflate is 15 years old and there are better and faster algs
> now.

That's one way to describe zlib.  Perhaps not the only one, but still a
valid opinion to hold, so let's go down that path.  It doesn't sound
like a productive use of everyone's time, unless we have a solid plan
for a better zlib replacement in place :-)


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