memory pool, rfc

Eduardo Morras nec556 at
Wed Oct 31 18:07:27 PDT 2007

At 01:38 01/11/2007, you wrote:
>This is a 'general' questions list, with a fairly high level of traffic.
>Many FreeBSD committers and team affiliates are subscribed, but there
>are still a lot of knowledgeable people who are respected team members,
>but are *not* subcribed here.
>Maybe in a more appropriate list you can get a greater amount of
>visibility with people who can help your contributions to be integrated
>with the main source code tree of FreeBSD.


> > I think that in this list are FreeBSD *gurus*/hacks too which could
> > say a "try it" or a "are you crazy?" answer. If other developers
> > thinks that they need my rfc i'll add my code to FreeBSD.
>It's hard to tell in advance, without actually *seeing* something in the
>form of a proposal, or at least an implementation.
>testing process of the source integration, and so on.
>This means that the next reasonable step would be to make available at
>least a proposal or source patch, and post it to one of the developer
>lists of FreeBSD.  The freebsd-hackers list would be nice.

I can prepare a malloc-like pilot implementation and detailed paper.

>  It doesn't sound
>like a productive use of everyone's time, unless we have a solid plan
>for a better zlib replacement in place :-)

You can check and for the state of 
the art lossless compressors.



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